Small Business Owner and Stress – How to Relieve it?

Stress is stalking self-employed and small business owners. The sole proprietor is responsible for everything alone. Even with co-workers, the entrepreneur feels that he is irreplaceable and accountable for the company. The work is rewarding, but at the same time, it takes too much time. Does it sound familiar?

Nobody does an excellent and efficient job indefinitely, not even entrepreneurs. The quality of work is better when you rest.

I’ve been talking about this with my friends. They all say I have too many irons in the fire. But it is the same otherwise; my entrepreneur friends also work too hard.

The illusion of reach

The internet era has created the illusion that everyone should be reachable through every channel at all times. No need! No need to react immediately.

You need not be active in social media every day. Shut down the phone.

The illusion of entrepreneurship

Sometimes we romanticize being an entrepreneur and think it’s an easy path. But this is not a complete fact.

There are lots of pressures and workloads getting into the business.

Running a business is stressful, along with all the fun and rewards it has.

We usually have a lot of workloads, which is one factor for stress.

The illusion of working hard and sleeping less

Many entrepreneurs believe that working extra time and working hard is right for your business. So as an entrepreneur, days go by with hardworking and long working hours.

The pressure is not the same when you own a company compared to working in some company. There is pressure in both cases.

Stress builds up

Stress builds up more and more without you noticing it. When there are many tasks you need to complete, and at the same time, there are duties towards home, the stress level rises.

Some entrepreneurs need to work at the office while they have to take care of their kids.


In small businesses, financials might cause stress. Many of us have some loans to repay, which creates restlessness and anxiety.

One of the main goals for small businesses is balancing money and funds. We should be able to get more income rather than expenses.

When you cannot maintain balance, it adds a lot of stress in your life.

Entrepreneurs need to make decisions quickly.

For the beginner, this kind of setting is not an easy task. It can cause a lot of stress and pressure.

There are many other reasons which provide stress towards us entrepreneurs. We should have a perfect balance in our personal and professional life. To deduct burden and maintain equilibrium, we should follow some easy steps or tips.

Tips to reduce stress

1. Keep daily planner

Entrepreneurs should keep daily planners to help them do things in a better way and avoid stress. With these daily planners, you could finish the work in time and do not have pressure build upon last minute.

You should contribute your time toward each work, and this would help you in solving your problem.

Doing one work at a time would help you in completing and doing work.

2. Reduce clutter

You should clean your desk before you start your work. Keep away all those things which cause disorder in your office. A clean desk would contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere.

3. Hire help

To avoid your stress, hire a person as a helper’s hand to you. It is better to get the right person for your help rather than delaying or not being able to do work. You should assign the proper action to the right person to avoid stress.

4. Nature produces positive effects

When you feel like there are a million things to do and your stress levels are high, take a hike.

A recent study from the University of Michigan proves that staying in the wild for 20 minutes will significantly reduce the amount of stress hormone in your body.

You don’t always have to be alive outdoors: sitting on a park bench also lowers cortisol levels.

Every day you tend to do many things. For getting things coordinated, make a plan and work according to it. You should use your time, as time is money in business terms. You would learn the business as a day’s progress with experience.

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