Take a Camera When Hiking with Children

There is nothing better than having a hike on a nice day. But if you are taking children on the hike, they may need some activity to keep from getting bored. What about giving a camera to a child?

Kids can get bored when they go on a hike since they don’t always enjoy the things adults like.

You can give a child some fun activity to do along the hike to keep them occupied. A camera that the child can use is a good way to entertain the child.

Giving a child a camera can go an along way in keeping the child engaged. Children love to take pictures, and they like to see the pics they have taken at a later date.

The child might even take a picture of you on that hike.

Children learn from pictures so let the child take pictures of the things that interest them.

You can also give the child ideas of what to take a picture of.

When you take a hike, it is better to take pictures of things than to take the thing with you. For instance don’t pick flowers on a walk, instead, take a picture of it.

Pictures last longer and when you take a picture of a flower you are not damaging the ecosystem.

When you are taking a hike you can show the child views of some nice scenery. You can teach the child how to take pictures of scenery so that the best shot is in the camera’s lens.

Sling the camera over the child’s shoulder

If you are worried that the child might drop the camera and break the camera you can sling the camera over the child’s shoulder and tell the child to keep the camera there so if the camera slips from a child’s grasp the camera will not hit the ground.

You can also give the child an old camera or a disposable camera. That way if the camera gets broken you don’t have to be so concerned about it.

Remember that children’s hands are not fully developed, and they do not have the coordination of an adult so be patient with children.

Taking a camera on a hike with a child can build memories that will last a lifetime. A child can look at the pictures they took on the hike years from now and remember how fun it was and what they saw.

The child might even take a picture of you on that hike.

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